The Waikato District Council’s Mayor, 13 Councillors and 30 Community Board Members represent you, your family and the community. They are accountable to you, the residents and ratepayers, for the planning, direction and management of resources to meet the present and future needs of the district.

The successful candidates need to have a clear understanding of what you and your community needs and who you are.

Pre-election report

The pre-election report is  now available.  This is to help you understand Council’s performance over the last three years, the issues it faces, and what is planned for the next Council term.

Candidate information booklet

The candidate information handbook outlines information which may be of interest to you as a candidate in the 2016 local government elections.

The election will be conducted under the provisions of the Local Electoral Act 2001 and the Local Electoral Regualtions 2001. Other legislative references are found in section 5 of this handbook.

2016 candidates and electoral donations and expenses returns

Click on the candidate names below to view their electoral donations and expenses returns.

Mayor for the Waikato District Council (1 vacancy)
Brian Cathro (Independent)
John Deacon
Wally Hayes
Donna Nichols (Independent)
Allan Sanson (Independent)

Councillor for the Awaroa ki Tuakau Ward (2 vacancies)
Jacqui Church (Independent)
Rosalie Ellis
Stephanie Henderson

Councillor for the Eureka Ward (1 vacancy)
Rob McGuire (Elected Unopposed)

Councillor for the Hukanui-Waerenga Ward (1 vacancy)
Dynes Fulton (Elected Unopposed)

Councillor for the Huntly Ward (2 vacancies)
Logan Cotter (Friendship House)
Shelley Lynch
Frank McInally
Sandra Stewart

Councillor for the Newcastle Ward (1 vacancy)
Noel Smith (Elected Unopposed)

Councillor for the Ngaruawahia Ward (2 vacancies)
John Deacon
Charles Dodds
Janet Gibb
Eugene Patterson
Moera Rose Solomon
James Whetu

Councillor for the Onewhero-Te Akau Ward (1 vacancy)
Bronwyn Main (Independent)
Kandi Ngataki

Councillor for the Raglan Ward (1 vacancy)
Lisa Thomson (Elected Unopposed)

Councillor for the Tamahere Ward (1 vacancy)
Aksel Bech Jepsen
Donna Nichols (Independent)

Councillor for the Whangamarino Ward (1 vacancy)
Jan Sedgwick (Elected Unopposed)

Member for the Huntly Community Board (6 vacancies)
Kim Bredenbeck
Ron Farrar
Denise Lamb
Katrina Langlands
Frank McInally
Tina Michie
Corey Rees
Sandra Stewart
Hine Timothy

Member for the Ngaruawahia Community Board (6 vacancies)
Jack Hector Ayers
Wendy Diamond
Charles Dodds
Rongo Kirkwood
Kiri Morgan
Andy Ralph
Bryce Joseph Sherson
Jane Stevens
James Whetu

Member of Onewhero-Tuakau Community Board (6 vacancies)
Bruce Cameron
Caroline Conroy
Phillip Henderson
Shaun Jackson
Lionel Petersen (Independent)
Jasmine Petersen-Brambley (Independent)
Vern Reeve
Murray Reid
Bronwyn Watson

Member for the Raglan Community Board (6 vacancies)
PJ Haworth
Rangi Kereopa
Bob MacLeod (Raglan Residents & Ratepayers)
Tony Oosten
Gabrielle Parson
Lisa Thomson
Alan Vink

Member for the Taupiri Community Board (6 vacancies)
Ken Clewlow
Elva Gouk
Dorothy Lovell
Howard Lovell
Joanne Morley
Sharnay Ormsby CocupSharnay Ormsby Cocup
Julie Ross
Rudy Van Dam

Member for the Te Kauwhata Licensing Trust (6 vacancies)
Alastair Cullen
Gerald Jackson
Nireen Jefferis
Pip Prattley
Mohan Singh

Are you enrolled to vote?

If you want to have your say on issues that affect you, your whanau and your community, then it’s important to make sure you’re enrolled and ready to vote.

Although electoral rolls closed Friday, 12 August, they can still enrol to vote. However they will need to request special voting papers.

  • Visit to enroll
  • Freephone 0800 36 76 56, or free-text your name and address to 3676
  • Visit any PostShop for an enrolment form.

ward-mapWard Map

If you don’t know what ward you live in or how many Councillors you can vote for, find out using our ward map.

governanceGovernance structure

Not sure how all the different roles of Council fit together? Find out using our governance structure graphic.

communityCommunity boards overview

There are five Community Boards in the Waikato District. Find out where these are located using our Community Board map.