Local government elections matter! They are your opportunity to make change in your community.

The people elected will be representing you, your whanau, your hapu, your town, your rohe. So the question you need to ask yourself is – Are they the best person to develop and nurture your community?

Elected members are accountable to every person who votes. So when you vote you’re being accountable for what happens in your community.

If you feel your community gets passed over for things it needs, then it’s time to speak up.
Your vote is your voice. So, when you vote you are telling elected members how you feel about issues important to you.

This report gives you information about what council has done over the last three years and what’s planned through to 2019.

It’s your future – are you prepared to leave that to chance?

2016 election

Voting closed at midday on 8 October 2016.


View the results of the 2016 election here.

How to enrol

Go to to enrol, or check your details are up-to-date.

Download a non-resident ratepayer enrolment form.

ward-mapWard Map

If you don’t know what ward you live in or how many Councillors you can vote for, find out using our ward map.

governanceGovernance structure

Not sure how all the different roles of Council fit together? Find out using our governance structure graphic.

communityCommunity boards overview

There are five Community Boards in the Waikato District. Find out where these are located using our Community Board map.